Motor Vehicle Engineering - NVQ

Motor Vehicle Engineering - NVQ
@ FLITS Vocational Training Institute

For the recent past the TVET sector has displayed a significant growth. It has established a NVQ Framework levels 1 – 7 and conduct courses in many
subject areas. Considerable numbers of student as acquired qualification and was able to secure employment in both public sector and private sector
and foreign employment. This growth contributed to the development of the Industry in turn reflected in the economic growth of Sri Lanka.On
Successful completion of this course the students obtains a NVQ Certificate which is approved by government.

Students can obtain Hi-tech workshop training with the latest tools & equipment’s; also they 
are able to work with Mercedes, Hybrid, and Japanese Vehicles.

We are conducting Level 3 and Level 4 of Automobile Mechanic

18 months

Vocational Training

Mechanical Engineering

Monday 06 August 2018,

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