Motor Vehicle Engineering – IVQ

Motor Vehicle Engineering – IVQ
@ FLITS Vocational Training Institute

IVQ course on which is internationally recognized by 120 countries for employment provided by 
City & Guilds – UK. Students can obtain Hi-tech workshop training with the latest tools & equipment’s
also they are able to work with Mercedes, Hybrid, and Japanese Vehicles in our own workshop (Arabian Motors) Students who still want to pursue these studies could obtain a post Graduate Engineering Diploma in
automobile UK.

Level 2 – Engineering Certificate 

Duration : 6 months
Entry Requirement : G.C.E. O/L, London O/L or FLITS foundation certificate
Unit 1 – Engine System

• Petrol/Diesel Engines and Fuel System Module 1a
• Ignition and Electrical System Module 1b
• Cooling and Lubrication System Module 1c
• Safety Module 2d
• Associated Studies (Maths and Science) Module 2e

Unit 2 – Chassis Systems 1

• Vehicle System Module 2a
• Braking, Steering and Suspension System Module 2b
• Gearbox and Transmission System Module 2c
• Safety Module 2d
• Associated Studies (Maths and Science) Module 2e


Unit – 3 Mathematics, Science and communications

• Mathematics Module 3a
• Science Module 3b
• Communications Module 3c


Level 3 – Engineering Diploma Level 
Duration : 10 months
Entry Requirement : G.C.E. A/L (Maths, Bio, Engineering Technology), London A/L or FLITS certificate Level

10 months

Vocational Training

Mechanical Engineering

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