Certified Professional Marketer (Asia)

Certified Professional Marketer (Asia)
@ Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)


  Marketing Research (MR)
  Marketing Communications (MC)
  Marketing Strategy (MS)
  Asia Business (AB)
  Asia Marketing Management (AMM)



We take this opportunity to mention some of the facilities that are being offered to CPM students during coaching sessions:

  SLIM Knowledge Centre (Reference Library & internet browsing facilities )


  • On weekdays - 0900 Hrs to 1930 Hrs
  • On weekends - 0900 Hrs to 1600 Hrs
  Copies of past question papers distributed free of charge at class discussions
  Guest lecturers – sharing their experience in specialised subjects
  Special Question & Answer Sessions; discussion of past papers, practical examples, work experiences, imparting of most up-to date information from latest publications.


CPM Students have an opportunity to apply for the CPM status and be eligible to attend the SLIM graduation when below criteria are met.

  •          Candidates who have passed both subjects (Asia Business and Asia Marketing Management)
  •          Has Five (05) years work experience are eligible to apply for the CPM status.

Once applied and status received you will be entitled to use the letters CPM on your business card.

To status application process:-

  1.    Applicants must be members of the Federation through their local Marketing member association. (SLIM)
  2.    Fill in the CPM status application with;
    1. Copy of results transcript
    2. Work experience letters
    3. Payment of USD 35
    4. Rs. 3,500/ - payment to SLIM

1 years

After A / L


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