About Us

Our Story

The world was ever revolving, but never like today. Knowledge and information has taken the place every valuable resource. The generations of the millennium has taken knowledge as their prime weapon in scoring their goals of future. 13 years of schooling is no more sufficient for an individual and a degree would not be the end. Collecting qualifications, hunting for information and deciding what a person needs to become is solely based on ‘Knowledge’.
In an era of Knowledge – Knowledgbank.lk enters the Sri Lankan Education Industry with a concept which could never be rejected. A portal, a platform, a hub, a collection of information, knowledge and educational resources is the definition for Knowledgebank.lk.

Our Vision

We will be the one stop platform of education with ease of access in empowering the future generations with information, knowledge and educational resources with affordability and innovation.

Our Mission

  • Be the trusted provider of model papers and answers on all exams in Sri Lanka
  • Be the best online higher education service provider
  • Be the valued portal of guiding Sri Lankan students for a pathway until their career
  • Become the central hub of information related to education, career and knowledge related products and events.

Our Mentors


Mr. Ranjith Madawala

With 25 years of teaching expertise with students sitting for Advanced Level Examinations and Professional Examinations Mr. Ranjith Madawala identified the true potential of the upcoming generations. He has been teaching Economics, Business Studies and Management Subjects for students while being a government school teacher.
Mr. Madawala is experienced in his career by teaching students at tuition and professional classes as Colombo, Kurunegala, Gampaha and Kalutara.
He always emphasizes the students on the importance of time management when sitting for an exam paper and firmly believes that practice makes everything perfect. As a practice upon his belief he brought in the concept of self-assessment for students with appropriate marking schemes to be distributed with the model papers prepared professionally.
Mr. Ranjith Madawala, throughout his career has earned the hearts of his students as well as the professionals in the education industry. He takes these expertise into knowledgebank.lk which includes Professors, University Lecturers, Government Education Consultants & Leading school masters when creating the best model papers and guidance for students.

Our Lecturers


Mr. Bandula De Silva

Physics Lecturer, Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Chathura Ranba

Chemistry Lecturer,Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Ruwan Muthugala

Biology Lecturer, Anada College, Colombo


Mr. S. Sugathadasa

Combined mathematics Lecturer,Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Mahendra Wikaramasinghe

Economics Lecturer,Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Susil Rajapaksha

Mathematics Lecturer,Wishaka College , Colombo


Mr. Sarath Karunaratne

Mathematics Lecturer,Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Priyantha Roodrigu

History Lecturer,Nalanda College , Colombo


Mrs. Nelum Wijesiri

Science Teacher Instructor


Mr. W.G.S Sunanda

Sinhala Lecturer,Yashodara College


Mr. Mahendra

English Lecturer, Royal College , Colombo


Mr. Lasantha Lanka

Science Lecturer, Gothami College


Mr. Ravindranath

Post English Instructor, University of California, USA


Mr. Saman Wijesekara

Economics and Business Studies Lecturer


Mr. Sanjiwa Suraweeraya

Accounting Lecturer , Kerry College


Mr. N. Senawirathne

Head of Information Technology, Ananda College


Mr. Upul Udawatta

Accounting Lecturer, Ananda College

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